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Ketania is purple female Thelian who is a descendant of the Paare from the Botore solar-system and a resident of the planet Thalea. Over 2,000 years ago planetary warring shook Thalea effectively causing the population to lose the reign over Dark Matter energy. Ketania is born into the time where the power had been genetically lost through the ages, but after the discovery of an ancient spaceship, not seen for millennia beneath Thalea's surface, she heads outbound into the solar-system where eventually the abilities are revived through other-worldly technology.


Ketania is a reserved individual and appears intimidating as a result of that. Being socially awkward, her nonchalant attitude usually makes people uncomfortable around her. She has a short temper and tends to be stubborn during those riled times. Despite all this, she can get comfortable and open up with some. She can be immature at times, even a little bit of a dick around her friends.



  • Ketania has a bit of a masculine look to her. The figure is average, being straight/rectangular, and her shoulders are broad. She's generally fit with a bit of muscle while retaining some thick/chubbiness. Her hair is thick and wavy. The right side of her hair parts into a fringe going down the side, and the fringe has dark curled designs halfway up it.
  • The scarring and wires from her cybernetics can be seen under her skin tissue attached to the left robotic arm. Ketania has a tattoo under her left eye, consisting of a flat, upside-down triangle with three dots lining the inward side.


  • The main color of her fur is purple. Her forearms and legs transition to a darker coloration at the elbows and knees, but stop before her fingers and toes - this  same color is also on her ears, her hair, and eyebrows. Going from the tip of the underside of her tail, across the front of her torso and leading up to her snout is white fur, which is also on the inside of her ears. Ketania's nose and the tattoo on her face are black. Lastly, her eyes skin areas are brown and her eyelashes are thick, go around the entire eye then end pointed at the tips.


  • She always wears the buckled collar around her neck.
  • Her undergarments are a bra and thong, both red with black lace trim.
  • Over that she wears a black spandex bodysuit.
  • The outermost layer of clothing is her white jacket with a fold-over collar and gold straps across the chest On the bottom and sleeves of the jacket are blue striped patterns. The inside of the coat is also blue.


"Ergokinesis / Energy Constructs"

  • Through the use of the cybernetics attached to her left arm Ketania is able to channel the Dark Matter energy within herself and expel it from her palm. Ketania then can manipulate the dense mass of plasma which forms, allowing her to mold it into various objects. Doing this takes a hit on her mental state - the severity depending on the form created.
  • Ketania also carries small slates with her at any time. The slates can be inserted into the rectangular hatch on the arm - up to 3 at a time - and can be used as a burst of power, or during emergency as needed without having to wait for conversion. The more slates used at once the greater the power will be, but at the risk of blowing herself up. They also take a hit on her physical strength as well.
  • The slates must be manually inserted and ejected. Once emptied there remains a long cooldown and recharge process until it is able to be used again.


Shawn Guku

  • Ketania met Shawn during her isolation aboard the deactivated Humana after waking him up from cryostasis. A genuine relationship formed quickly as they see eye-to-eye on most things and share a dry, laugh-less sense of humor. The two become allies after the realization that they share similar powers and there had to be more people like them out there in order to save Shawn's home-world.

Caden Nyral

  • When the Humana landed on Ritjës, it was Caden who saved Ketania from the oncoming Tarcodi. Eventually, she joins the Resistance allowing him to get closer. Caden eventually breaks through her shell, overcoming their nearly polar opposite personalities, and they form a romantic relationship. Ketania acts the most open when she is around him.

Ellair Hikarikaze

Dagmar Guku


Ketania grew up on Thalea living a normal, yet mundane life. This eventually leads her to become more adventurous and prone to leaving home to venture out and explore. During one of her travels she becomes lost in the cold wilderness and succumbs to severe frostbite in her left arm after passing out for some time. A search and rescue team is sent out after her and is able to bring Ketania home, but not after her arm is amputated from the elbow down and replaced with a rudimentary robotic arm. Her new look makes the other civilians turn their back against the "weirdo" girl causing Ketania to grow up reserved and withdrawn from people.

After becoming accustomed to her new limb, the first thing she does is head back outside. Once back out in the open she finds a expanded cave leading into a crater and gets lost in it. Trekking forward Ketania climbs into safety aboard a large dormant ship (unknown to her) before her exit is obstructed. She spends some time aboard it, scoping it out and trying to survive within until she gradually comes across a cryostasis chamber holding a figure in its contents - whom of which was soon awoken into the world.

Other Forms

Omega Ketania

  • The mental overtaking of the Tarcodi caused a portion of Ketania's mind to be linked with the Ancestral Hivemind in space. It was only a fragment and not the entire mind that joined; therefore she did not gain the entirety of power the Ancestral Race possessed. Ketania is only able to observe her former friends as her emotions build up inside. She is able to return from the Ancestral Hivemind after the events on Croxtis, but not after being surrounding by the nearly infinite amounts of Dark Matter contained within the Hivemind. Ketania's original Thelian marking has since disappeared, replaced with the detailed eyerims of the Paare on her face, along with further intricate markings on her body as she takes on a newfound physical body.


  • Ketania Vahltae is a character created in 2006 Initially she depicted as a Sonic Fan Character as a purple recolor of Miles "Tails" Prower and used as a avatar for the creator for a few years. Yet over the course of the past 10 years her design slowly changed. Ketania is now no longer associated with either things.
  • Her boots are steel-toed so she can effectively kick people in the dick with them.
  • She has a nearly crazy obsessive love for birds.
  • Ketania's choice of clothing is a long-sleeve jacket and gloves to hide her robotic limb from sight, as she is very embarrassed by them.


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