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The Dark Matter and Free Candy universes are a collaborative effort by KetaniaVahltae, ShawnGuku, JonicOokami7 and Supersonic88 to make story involving their characters in shared universe. Free Candy stems from the conclusion of Dark Matter, contrast its completely serious nature, is comprised nonsensical happenings.
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Free Candy Free Candy is an alternate universe involving the main cast from Dark Matter travelling around in a van together. Free Candy usually refers to anything done as a group including parodies, wacky antics, and usually just poking at whatever happens to cross their path. The theme song of the group is "Green and Purple" by Kritikal.

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Dark Matter Dark Matter is a science-fiction story that follows Shawn Guku as he escapes the invasion of planet Ritjes. On a mission to save his home he encounters many other characters along the way including Ketania Vahltae, Caden Nyral, and Ellair Hikarikaze. Since its creation the story has gone through its fair share of changes.

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