Free Candy: GB (Aka Free Candy In Galaxy Bullshit) is a hypothetical RPG game featuring the Free Candy crew. it is styled in that of the Nintendo Gameboy.


It's an RPG. Featuring Free Candy. On the GameBoy


FCGB follows a turn based RPG formular like many JRPG's from the 80's and 90's.

One of its key features is the abundance in dialog that differs depending on who is currently leading the party at any time.

Puzzles also involve features called Leader tiles, which require a specific character leading the party to be used.


Stuff happens




  • Turtlebitch
  • PT
  • CRS
  • Hyper the Fox
  • Majinn
  • Quick
  • Freakshow (Cameo)



Tech Demo Build -

Alpha Build V0.2 -

Alpha Build V0.2.5 -

Alpha Build V3.6 -


Both Kai and Seb the deer were originally going to be playable however Kai's creator requested to not be included due to the status effects within the project. While Seb was removed due to his creator being kicked from the crew, however Kai was added back in after a change in the status ailments,

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