Free Candy is an alternate universe involving the main cast from Dark Matter travelling around in a van together. Free Candy usually refers to anything done as a group including parodies, wacky antics, and usually just poking at whatever happens to cross their path. The theme song of the group is "Green and Purple" by Kritikal.

The Crew

Frantic Crew (Sebless)

The Current Crew

The Driver

The Backseat Driver

The Ninja Fairy-tale

The Hitchhikers

The Gr8 Split


The original group.

The group used to be bigger than what it is now. Until one day (sometime in 2012) some shit went down and half of the group left. The group has also gone back and forth between member counts a bit since then.

Removed Characters

  • Silver the Wolf
  • Epsi
  • Skel the Tiger
  • Azoth Sokima
  • Kaoz
  • Tokei Time
  • Zack
  • Justin
  • Seb the Seb

Group Projects

Free Candy has been involved with many things including:

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