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Number Intro Title Outro Date Video
1 N/A Episode 1 N/A October 16, 2010
Gmod road trip by supersonic88-d2zwm0v

This episode is a comic. You can view it here.

CN and KT start preparing for a road trip, while Guku and Brown-Amy-Recolor have other business to attend to first.
2 N/A Episode 2 "Star Trek: The Next Generation" October 22, 2010
Free Candy - Episode 206:44

Free Candy - Episode 2

The crew is on their trip down the highway. An argument over the radio music causes them to crash into Echidna-Azoth. While getting the Green Machine repaired in the local city, then run into Crocodile-Azoth. After repairs are done, they drive off, but Guku carelessly gets them lost.
3 "Dragon Ball Z: Kai" Episode 3 N/A January 17, 2011
Free Candy - Episode 307:05

Free Candy - Episode 3

CN, KT, Guku, and Green-Rouge-Recolor are inside the back of the van, all seated in a giant cinema. After the movie, CWC appears with his Hedgehog-Azoth lackey and they blow up the space station. The explosion sends everyone off to different sides of Planet Recolor where other various characters live.
4 "Neon Genesis Evangelion" Episode 4 "When Can I See You Again?" November 20, 2012
Free Candy - Episode 423:08

Free Candy - Episode 4

While on different sides of Planet Recolor, KT and CN fall onto its Shrine and meet the rulers, Car and Mawgeen, along with their minions Seb and Galaxy. PT, head of the internet police, watches over Silver-Azoth in a poorly constructed jail cell. On the classic side of the planet Skel and Guku try to locate the lost van and regroup with the others as they are led around by Hedgehog-Azoth with Hyper tagging along. Somewhere in a mansion deep in the woods a villainous group is being formed...
5 "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Free Candy gets the 'Boot "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" TBA
1-E Series Name
After getting blown off Planet Recolor, the crew are back on the road once again, but this time are tired of the trip and would rather go home - the only problem is that Guku had sold the house for gas money because he quit his job on account of the bathroom douches. They pass by a sign that talks about a Mercury City up ahead and drive off towards it hoping to finally settle down somewhere.


Title Date Video
Free Candy Gives Free Candy November 1, 2010
Free Candy Gives Free Candy01:54

Free Candy Gives Free Candy

It's Halloween and Silver-Azoth wants to go out and get candy, but unfortunately steps onto Free Candy's doorstep. Guku offers him a choice of treat: Mentos or Candy Cane, but which will he get? Meanwhile in the back of the house Seb tries to solve their ongoing electricity problem, suddenly finding an unexpected romance while Blaze the Cat watches him.
Free Candy - Gumball Z October 25, 2010
Free Candy - Gumball Z01:26

Free Candy - Gumball Z

CN is mad after the last time Guku rocketed him in the face at the end of Free Candy Episode 2 so he flies to the moon and back, going Super in the process.
Free Candy in Outer Space Z! October 18, 2012
Free Candy in Outer Space Z!06:15

Free Candy in Outer Space Z!

In the city of Dicktopia (where everyone has dicks, even the fish) a bank is robbed by an unknown group of villains who managed to escape out of the city. Meanwhile at the Free Candy Van Chief Kaz calls on the Free Candy Police Force to track down and defeat the Mighty Morphin DeviantART Rangers (aka The Expensive Bon-Bon Five).
SFM Test 2 - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia August 18, 2013
SFM Test 2 - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia01:36

SFM Test 2 - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

A test of Source Fimmaker using the Free Candy models dubbed over with lines from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Happy Free Candy Day November 3, 2015
-SFM- Happy Free Candy Day01:36

-SFM- Happy Free Candy Day

A remake of "Free Candy Gives Free Candy", but in Source Filmmaker.


Title Date Video
Free Candy Plays PSO November 11, 2010
Free Candy plays PSO - Part 109:58

Free Candy plays PSO - Part 1

Free Candy playing Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst while chatting over the mic.
The Fucking Moon February 20, 2011
The Fucking Moon03:49

The Fucking Moon

Free Candy finds out about Moonbase: Alpha...
Free Candy Adventure: DX ‎June ‎9, ‎2011
Free Candy Adventure- DX06:16

Free Candy Adventure- DX

A model hack of Sonic Adventure: DX, replacing Sonic with Guku, Skel follows him being placed over Amy. KT is mod of Tails and CN is over Knuckles, while he goes Super when gliding. Optimus Prime is placed over Gamma and Emerald Coast is now Europa.
Dragonball Online - Free Candy VS Faggots :V October 7, 2011
Dragonball Online - Free Candy VS Faggots -V02:32

Dragonball Online - Free Candy VS Faggots -V

Free Candy plays Dragon Ball:Online and enters their first tournament.
Free Candy fights itself. October 9, 2011
Free Candy fights itself01:12

Free Candy fights itself.

CN and Guku fighting a PvP battle in Dragon Ball:Online.
Free Candy Generations November 23, 2011
Free Candy Generations00:47

Free Candy Generations

A texture hack of a cut scene in Sonic Generations using CN and KT with their classic counterparts.
Free Candy in the Tao Dungeon November 6, 2011
Free Candy in the Tao Dungeon22:43

Free Candy in the Tao Dungeon

Free Candy trudges through the Tao Dungeon in Dragon Ball: Online together.
Christmas Battle 2.0 November 29, 2011
Christmas Battle 203:36

Christmas Battle 2.0

A texture hack of Sonic Generations during the Sonic VS Shadow battle with CN and Guku respectively.


Free Candy builds this awesome fortress in Terraria and hacks in all the bosses at once just to test it out.
Guku's Weed Circulation October 9, 2012
Gukus Weed Circulation01:33

Gukus Weed Circulation

Guku dances on the Star Trek podium to circulate his weed efficiently. 420 err' day.
Oppa Candy Style November 4, 2012
Oppa Candy Style03:46

Oppa Candy Style

The entirety of Free Candy dance (in space) to Gangnam Style, because that song wasn't already overdone everywhere.
Free Candy Van November 23, 2012
Free Candy Van12:43

Free Candy Van

A hack of a Final Fantasy game done by Justin. It places in the Free Candy van as an enemy with included dialogue from assorted characters.
Free Candy Brawl May 21, 2013
Free Candy Brawl06:56

Free Candy Brawl

A edit of some already existing mods featuring Free Candy characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Second Life

Title Date Video
ya da da da da ya da da da da do do do do da December 17, 2010
Ya da da da da ya da da da da do do do do da00:08

Ya da da da da ya da da da da do do do do da

The gang plays with random gestures.
Wat the F*** am i watching.avi December 18, 2010
Wat the F*** am i watching00:32

Wat the F*** am i watching.avi

CN, dressed as Sonichu, and Guku dance on some random poles.
Creepers gonna creep December 19, 2010
Creepers gonna creep00:52

Creepers gonna creep

Dragons apparently do not appreciate Thriller...
Dragons apparently do not appreciate Thriller..03:08

Dragons apparently do not appreciate Thriller...

CN messes around on Second Life.
oh internet December 27, 2010
Oh internet00:12

Oh internet



open the door
Open the door00:08

Open the door



SecondLife 2010 12 27 06 53 06 85
SecondLife 2010 12 27 06 53 06 8500:10

SecondLife 2010 12 27 06 53 06 85

Free Candy learned how to use the Omni Ball.
an awesome chair February 17, 2011
An awesome chair00:15

An awesome chair

A recreation of the spinning chair from the opening of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Free Candy Rave Party. March 25, 2014
Free Candy Rave Party04:18

Free Candy Rave Party.

Free Candy dances to Ylvis' The Fox song on a recreation of the Nightman Cometh stage.

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